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LowLandLions is an organization of professional gaming athletes, which originates from the Benelux. Our goal is to nurture aspiring potential and grow the next generation of e-Sports athletes.

Over the last couple of years 'Lowlands' has spawned a great deal of talent. Unfortunately very few had the opportunity to develop into professional athletes due to insufficient support. LowLandLions gives both new and established talent the chance to compete at the highest level under the wings of a well structured organization. Based on a select number of criteria, LowLandLions will continuously scout and recruit young potential, and is therefore a representation of the best the Benelux has to offer.

Our goal is to become an ambassador for e-Sports by striving for its main stream acceptance for the benefit of professional gamers and gamers alike around the world.

If you want to contact our organisation, do so here: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
If you want to contact someone of our management. Please check below:

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