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Jeapie will be attending the Dutchrank E-sports Championships

On the 3th of december, our own Jeapie will be playing Super Smash Bros. Melee in the Dutchrank E-sports Championships. This open tournament will be played in Theater Castellum in Alphen aan den Rijn.

This is the first edition of the event to include a Melee tournament in the schedule, next to the DSCL Open Finals and the Open Series of Hearthstone Finals. The top 8 players of the Netherlands have been invited to attend this tournament. Jeapie will be contesting with 42 other participants, at the time of writing, in a 50-man capped tournament for the prize pool, which will most likely consist of the entry fee of all players joining the tournament.

Jeapie with his thoughts on the tournament:

“Even though the tournament won't be that big, it still is quite special. An event with other games as well is quite rare for the Melee players, especially in the EU. This is a good opportunity for competitors that are unaware of the Melee scene. And of course there could be a second time Melee will be hosted at this tournament with a higher capacity.

The favorite players to win the tournament are most definitely the big Dutch 4 players who are still active, namely Zgetto, Amsah, Adam and myself.“

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